Pictures Now Online!

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After a substantial delay with a number of causal factors we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve finally managed to upload a selection of our Wedding Pictures. We’ve selected our favourites from the 1137 ‘official’ and ‘guerilla’ pictures provided by friends & family since the big day. Every effort has been made to correctly credit the appropriate photographer. If any crediting mistakes have been made please let us know. If you haven’t yet sent us your photos it isn’t too late to do so.

We’re in the process of ordering our Wedding albums and prints, and we’ll be making an official online collection available for friends and family to order their own copies of their favourites. If you would like to be notified of the online collection please let us know and we’ll take care of it.

So without further a do, here’s a sample of our own personal favourites, but please click on the link below the photos to view the entire selection:

Bride & Father in Car Couple Signing First Kiss Bridal Party & Parents Best Confetti Shot The Couple in Car

[ View the entire selection ]


Long time coming…

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Thank You CardThanks to everyone for patiently checking this website since the Wedding – especially as there have been no updates. We haven’t forgotten you – here’s a quick update on how things went and what we’ve been up to since.

Wedding day – absolutely perfect, with beautiful weather (although not too hot) and some beautiful people. On reflection we both agreed that we wouldn’t change a single thing about the day. Thanks to everyone who made the day so special…
Honeymoon – just what the doctor ordered after the stress of planning the Wedding; we spent a week in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt at the Concorde El Salam hotel; each morning was spent by and in the pool, at the swim-up bar, and afternoons were spent by and in the sea snorkeling around the coral and amazing fish. We ventured out onto a boat trip round Ras Mohammed National Park with three snorkeling stops – amazing! We also decided to try our hands at parasailing/parascending – an unforgettable experience.

Since we’ve been back we’ve had a week apart whilst Ricky was at Uni and Tracy was doing a great job getting the honeymoon washing done, sorting out the house in Andover and preparing to move to Milton Keynes. She has now settled in well and is thinking about seeking a new job, whilst Ricky is working hard to meet his end of year deadlines. This weekend we’re back in Andover to see friends and family, to pack up the house and Ricky is preaching at Tracy’s Church, Koinonia, tomorrow morning.

We’re still chasing the official photographer but we’re grateful to the unofficial photographers who have sent their photos through. There are some absolute gems among them already and we’re looking forward to receiving more. We haven’t uploaded any of the unofficial photos yet (except the one above) because we haven’t had a concentrated amount of time in which to do it and we want to do them justice. To keep you going until we upload the Wedding pictures, you can take another look at the photo presentations we displayed during the service. The first is images of the two of us growing up, and the second are pictures which are representative of the eight months we spent together leading up to our big day.

Almost There!

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Thanks to everyone for their best wishes – however they have been expressed.  This is almost certainly going to be the last update to the website until after the Honeymoon.

Everything is now packed and we’re ready to go.  We have the rehearsal tonight followed by joining a few friends for a meal and a couple of drinks, before going our separate ways ready to be re-united and then united in the morning.  Our ‘to-do’ list is now ‘to-done’ and we’re feeling very relaxed and peaceful and just can’t wait for the morning to arrive.

The pictures of the Stag Do, ‘Rewster’s Grand Day Out‘, are now available online – special thanks to Simon, Martin, Geoff & Robert for providing them.

Don’t forget that we’d like you to take as many photos as you can after the service and during the receptions.  Full details of how to get the photos to us can be found on the new Photographs page.

Late Check-In News

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Please note the following line in the Portway Premier Inn terms and conditions:

“Please let your chosen Premier Travel Inn know if you are likely to arrive after 11pm.”

If this doesn’t affect you please disregard.

Church Services

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A number of people have been asking for recommendations about which local Church Service to attend the day after the Wedding.   I can’t promise that we’ll be around – but then you wouldn’t expect us to be would you…

We would recommend that you attend either Andover Baptist Church (you’ll know where that is because that’s where the Wedding will take place on the Saturday), or Tracy’s own Church, Koinonia.

The service at Andover Baptist Church starts at 11am and usually attracts 200+ worshippers.  If you would prefer something more intimate then the service at Koinonia will suit you better.  The Koinonia service starts at 10:30am with approximately 50+ in attendance. Whichever service you choose we are confident you’ll receive a warm welcome.

You can find directions to either Church on our Interactive Wedding Map.

Rewster’s Grand Day Out

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We all made it back from the stag do in one piece.  Once everyone has recovered and sent me their pictures and videos I’ll upload them for everyone to enjoy.   But to whet your appetite, here’s a quick run-down of what the day included:

  • Bacon butties and beer
  • Kayaking (which included a game of footie)
  • Beer
  • Lunch beneath the gazebo (with beer)
  • Reclining in deckchairs in 27 degree sunshine beside a lake (more beer)
  • Successful completion (for most) of a high-ropes course
  • Beer
  • Crazy Golf with beer
  • Parade lap of the lake on a powerboat
  • Shower and change (no beer here)
  • Visit to local curry house (bottles of Cobra)
  • A pub crawl in Stony Stratford  (including multiple beers and various shots)
  • Oh yes – and a giant chicken suit

Bet you can’t wait for the photos now!

I hope you all have your outfits ready for the Wedding – only 10 days now!

Stag Weekend

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Argh – it’s approaching fast. I have no idea what we’re doing – all I know is that I need to be at Geoff’s at 10:30 on Saturday, and I have a list of bits to bring along (cuddly toy optional).

I don’t plan on taking my camera with me, but I’m sure some of my “friends” will – so if you’re not coming along you may still be able to enjoy some of the fun afterwards. I’ve promised to be at Church on Sunday morning so I’m hoping I’ll be in a fit state – and I’m leading a Youth Event at my Church on Sunday evening. Prayers appreciated ;o)

Other news in brief: the music group for the service had their first practice last night and they’re sounding excellent. The production of the Order of Service is almost complete – just some final sticking to be done. Tracy is practically all shopped out (never thought I’d be able to say that!). My speech is almost complete. I still have some shopping to do for the Honeymoon and then need to organise myself ready for packing.

You’re getting married where?

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We’re aware that to some of you Andover seems like it’s in the middle of the Australian outback – so, as promised, we’ve produced some direction sheets for you to print out and bring with your on your journey. As the majority of people with be either familiar with Andover or travelling from Milton Keynes, we’ve produced a sheet of directions from MK to Andover. In addition, there is a second sheet which features directions from Andover Baptist Church (ABC) to The White Hart at Stoke.

If you’re booked into one of the places we recommended here on the website you can click over to our Wedding Map to find and print the directions from the Reception to your accommodation.

If anyone will be approaching Andover from a different direction and requires specific directions, please let us know in the next couple of weeks and we’ll add them here.

In the beginning…

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So just how does a single guy from Milton Keynes meet a single girl from Andover? The short answer: God. The slightly longer answer: mutual friends with a keen match-making eye who aren’t afraid to trust their instincts/God’s leading. Read on if you’d like the even longer answer – told from Ricky’s perspective:

For me it all started at Summer Camp last year. It had already been an eventful year – giving up my job and being accepted onto a Degree course at the Centre for Youth Ministry. The last thing on my mind was to get involved in a relationship – I was quite happy as a single guy and there was enough change to look forward to. One morning at Camp a friend (Sam) asked me if I was still single and when I said yes there was a sparkle in her eye. She said that she had a friend (Tracy) who would be a “perfect match” for me and asked if I was interested in meeting her. I said I’d think about it – but I wasn’t too fussed so I said I’ve give it some thought.

A day later she asked if I’d thought about it and I figured I’d be hassled so I said “yeah, why not”, expecting little to come of it. Instead she came back a little while later with a plan in her mind about how it could happen. I agreed just so I could carry on with my holiday without any hassle. The plan was for us to get together for a meal with a group of friends to celebrate my birthday, and the other singleton would be invited along too. Also, the following day we’d meet again at a kiddie birthday party.

I got together with friends for a meal and Sam, Martin and Tracy would join us for drinks later. The meal didn’t go exactly as planned and we were all running late. In fact Sam, Martin and Tracy were left sitting on their own whilst we finished eating. Eventually the meal was over and we joined them in the bar. Most of the conversation was about Camp and therefore excluded Tracy, but we had a quick chat, although not enough to get to know each other.

The following day we went to Sam’s for her daughter’s fourth birthday party and had a chance to chat and get to know each other a bit. At the end of the party we went our separate ways and I took her phone number from Sam. I sent her a text and said I’d like to call her for a chat and she said that was fine. So a week later I called and we spent an hour on the phone just chatting and finding out about each other. At the end of the call we agreed to meet the following weekend and spent the day at Blenheim Palace (half way between MK and Andover). We wandered around the grounds before entering the house and being warned by the stuffy staff not to scratch the doors. We weren’t really paying any attention to the rooms and their contents – and it was so obvious that we weren’t interested that we got disgusted looks from others.

We had a great time, laughing all day long, and agreed to get together again the following weekend. We continued to hit it off and the weekends together have continued ever since. Obviously things progressed well and in October, exactly 2 months after our first official date at Blenheim, we got engaged at Stowe Landscape Gardens in Buckingham. Then three weeks later the ring arrived. And on the day of the Wedding it will be exactly 8 months from that date.

The rest is history in the making.

Unofficial Photographers

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One of the important ingredients of the big day is the photography. Tracy is already worried about the strange weather we’ve been having – as she’s been dreaming of blossom on the trees for our Spring Wedding. Sadly most of the blossom is already out.

Individual Blossom 3 Bunch of Blossom Blue Sky & Blossom 6 Blue Sky & Blossom 4

Whether or not there is any blossom on the trees on 28th April, I’m sure we’ll be delighted with the photographs. We’ve already instructed the photographer that we don’t want any of the usual cheesy Wedding shots.  One thing we would like is your assistance, as unofficial photographers, in getting shots of the two receptions and candid shots from the day.

We’ve been repeatedly told to expect the day to be over very quickly and we know there will be a limit to the amount of time we can spend with each of you (and indeed each other!).  We’ll be making every effort to enjoy the day and to spend time with as many people as possible, but we’d like to be able to look back at photos of the receptions and see what you all got up to.  So we’d like to encourage you to take as many photos as you can following the ceremony and during the receptions.

Although we’re having an official photographer, we’re planning to do something slightly unconventional with the photos.  We are planning to put together our own photograph albums of the day in a few different formats, and we’ll provide the means for people to easily order copies if they wish to do so.  Also, we’ll be selecting the best of the official and unofficial photos and uploading them to a website which will allow people to select and purchase their own prints (and tacky gifts if you like too).

So if you have a digital camera we’d like to encourage you to take as many shots as possible throughout the day, to select the best shots (as many as you like) and send them to us by email to thebigday [at] (replace [at] with @) .  [The maximum email size is 10mb so you may need to send a few messages – alternatively if you’re feeling brave you could use the free DropSend service]

If you have any questions you know how to get in touch

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